What is NewLife Behavior
and How Can We Help?

NewLife Behavior Ministries (NLBM) is a comprehensive program to assist individuals in behavioral improvement. It is a ministry of hope reconciling individuals to God, families, and society. It is our basic belief that we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and that we are most complete, comfortable, and productive when operating our daily lives
in harmony with our Creator and Savior.

NewLife Behavior Ministries researches, produces, and develops and distributes faith-based curriculum and tools to facilitate the reconciliation process. We translate the courses into as many languages as possible for maximum distribution worldwide. Not only is the curriculum popular for application in prisons and for substance abuse recovery, it is also used in community outreach efforts and in local Bible classes for all ages. We seek to recruit and train instructors using this curriculum.

NLB curriculum is free to foreign missionaries; however, users in the USA make a small donation for licensing and reproducing course material.


Why the Butterfly?

NewLife Behavior Ministries uses the Monarch butterfly logo because it represents change (Romans 12:1-2). A caterpillar goes through a God-oriented process to become a beautiful butterfly. In a similar spiritual fashion, human beings are born again and walk in newness of life. Our goal is to provide The Way to a better life for individuals, families, and society through establishing a strong relationship with God.