What is the Unique Role of
NewLife Behavior Ministries?

NewLife Behavior Ministries (NLB) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization founded in Dallas, Texas by Dr. H. M. Motsinger in 1984. Buck Griffith has been President of NLB-USA since July 2002. The central office is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Today, Dr. Motsinger coordinates NLB efforts outside the USA.

NLB has been described as a “curriculum-based” program that is constantly expanding, being updated and translated into more and more languages.

The NLB curriculum is often used inside prisons, with family members of offenders, with ex-offenders and with anyone struggling to overcome an addiction. Our curriculum now consists of 14 courses, including a Children’s Edition. The courses are not Bible studies but God’s Word is seen as the common thread. The curriculum is used in 43 states in the U.S.A. and in almost that many foreign countries.

What is meant when we say that NLB is a curriculum-based ministry?

First and foremost, we engage in the research, design and development of cognitive behavioral tools to be used by volunteer instructors in a variety of settings with youth and adults (churches, schools, jails, prisons, boot/work camps, substance abuse treatment centers and other community efforts).

Secondly, we publish and distribute the curriculum as widely as possible to “reconcile individuals to God, their families and society.” The best curriculum in the world accomplishes zero unless it is used. Users receive a set of course “originals” along with an individually numbered license in exchange for a small donation, entitling them to lifetime reproduction privileges.

Here are the titles to the completed courses, Including
the Children's Edition:

Course I A Sense of Self (13 Lessons)
Course II A Sense of Family (13 Lessons)
Course III Parenting Matters (13 Lessons)
Course IV True Freedom (13 Lessons)
Course V Christian Marriage Skills (13 Lessons)
Course VI The Christian Woman (13 Lessons)
Course VII Attitudes & Behaviors (13 Lessons)
Course VIII Christians Against Substance Abuse
(CASA) - 13 Lessons
Course IX The FamilyNet Series (13 Lessons)
Course X The Seeker Bible Study Series (10 Lessons)
Course XI Prisoners of Christ (13 Lessons)
Course XII Managing My Anger (13 Lessons)
Course XIII Christians Against Sex Addiction
(CASA) - 13 Lessons)
Course I A Sense of Self
(13 Lessons, Children's Edition)


Thirdly, we seek to recruit and train volunteer instructors throughout the world in the use of these materials. All the courses include an Instructor’s Guide and a formal “proposal” for its implementation. Over two dozen Regional Directors are available for consultation and training in addition to special workshops and seminars. Additional training materials and tools are being developed.

Fourthly, we seek to translate the curriculum into every language. The first eight courses (plus the Children’s Edition) have already been translated into Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, and Chinese.

NLB is not a prison ministry. The NLB curriculum, however, can be (and often is) utilized effectively by prison ministries. It has numerous other applications. More and more congregations are finding the NLB courses to be excellent choices in regular Bible School classes for both youths/adults, support groups and community outreach programs.

When used in prison ministries, the curriculum is most often used in the United States in the following ways:

Juvenile Detention Facilities County Jails
State Prisions Federal Prisions
Substance Abuse Programs Parolee Programs
After-Care Programs Youth/Family Ministries


As a curriculum-based ministry, NLB is not in competition with the many and varied prison ministries around the world. Of course, we are delighted to see the NLB curriculum increasingly used by instructors in an ever widening variety of ways.

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Comments & Testimonies:

“I have followed the timely and powerful growth of NLBM over the years and have personally and professionally benefited as a result. TDCJ has been greatly impacted by the excellent and well-focused programs that hit at the issues that really matter and bring about the greatest change. NLBM has enhanced the quality of life of all residents of TDCJ and their families and is a very effective vehicle to advance God’s Kingdom, reduce recidivism and curb crime. Keep up the good work.”

-Jerry Groom, former Director of TDCJ Chaplaincy
School District, Division of Instruction " Title I, Huntsville, Texas

“The Prison Ministry has stabilized my life with God and has taught my husband to minister to others while in prison.”

-Wife of a Prisoner

“I would like to express my appreciation for your class presentation of NewLife Behavior. The interest and participation of the offender population is commendable. It is very encouraging to observe such a huge interest in this program, and the effects it has had on our population. Attendance seems to grow even more in enrollment and participation. I believe this is a credit to your class and specifically your presentation.”

-Unit Manager, Dick Conner
Correctional Center, Hominy, Oklahoma

“Even though I am now paid by the Southern Baptist Church, I will be glad to tell you that no religious group has discipleship training that is better than yours.”

-Emmett Solomon, President, Restorative Justice Ministry
Network of North America, Inc.

“Few seminars will impact the lives of people in need of learning life changing skills as this seminar.”

-Chaplain Fred Coburn, Kentucky

“l.e.a.d.s.online supports the efforts of law enforcement to identify persons involved in criminal activity. The NLB team has the skill and courage to do the important work of training and equipping those convicted to live a better, more productive life upon their return to society. l.e.a.d.s.online is proud to join the efforts of NLB in this endeavor to the benefit of our society.”

-Dave Finley, CEO, l.e.a.d.s.online, Inc.

“One day, after I had been publishing the NLB lessons for several months, I was reading a new lesson I had received when I gained an insight that I’ve never forgotten: It suddenly dawned on me that the lessons are just as applicable to my life as to the life of anyone behind bars. Indeed, the NLB lessons fit the needs of anyone entrapped behind the bars of sin.”
Ray M. Thompson, Dallas, Texas

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