The NLBM Courses

The core curriculum for NewLife Behavior Ministries (NLB) is a comprehensive study to discover a meaningful and personal relationship with God. The curriculum contains 174 lessons divided into fourteen (14) courses, including a Children's Edition. A large portion (Courses I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII plus the Children's Edition) is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and Chinese. The curriculum has been field-tested and edited for over twenty-five (25) years.

The NLB curriculum is designed to help individuals to be reconciled to God, families and society. It is designed for people in all walks of life. It has been well received by Christians and non-Christians alike. Its greatest use has been in prisons as a Ministry of Hope. The curriculum is approved by Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Although not a "Bible" course, the Bible is used as the guide to teach desired changes in thinking, attitudes and behaviors.

Most ministries focus on evangelism or bringing a lost soul to Christ. NLB applauds such efforts. Actually, our Course X ("The Seeker Series") is primarily an outreach study. However, we have heard the cries of jail and prison staffs who see an abundance of groups and individuals that desire to come in on Sunday and "save" everyone. The question asked by correctional authorities is: "Who is willing to come in and help offenders learn to change their daily conduct-cursing, lying, drinking, drugging, stealing, sexual immorality, gambling, etc.?"

To this challenge, we say . . . Welcome to NewLife Behavior Ministries!


Skeleton Description of Curriculum

1   Course I:  A Sense of Self
2   Course II:  A Sense of Family
3   Course III:  Parenting Matters
4   Course IV:  True Freedom
5   Course V: Christian Marriage Skills
6   Course VI:  The Christian Woman
7   Course VII:  Attitudes and Behaviors
8   Course VIII:  Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA)
9   Course IX:  The FamilyNet Series
10   Course X:  The Seeker Bible Study Series
11   Course XI:  Prisioners of Christ
12   Course XII:  Managing My Anger
13   Course XIII:  Christian Against Sex Addiction (CASA)
14   Children's Edition of Course I:  A Sense of Self 


Curriculum Distribution

In an "average" year, NLB distributes 300-400 licenses. Each course consists of thirteen (13) lessons. Each lesson consists of twelve (12) letter-size pages. As you can easily see, this is why we refer to the NLB curriculum as "comprehensive" program! All English courses are available on CD. When users secure a "license" to reproduce a course, they are issued an individually-numbered certificate. This entitles the user to unlimited lifetime reproduction privileges as well as free updates of the course.

More and more congregations are using NLB curriculum in their regular Sunday or midweek Bible School programs and Christian Schools. Since most courses consist of thirteen (13) lessons, they match well with the needs of "quarterly" schedules. Almost all NLB courses can be used as is or easily modified for non-prison audiences.