16. Journey to Recovery

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We are involved in a process to produce our "own" recovery-type Bible (New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs) to use with our CASA (Christians Against Substance Abuse) program. This unique Bible ("Journey to Recovery") will help struggling addicts all over the world to live a chemical-free life through Christ.

Why is this project so valuable?

This is the "icing" on a cake that has been 25+ years in making. A few of us started CASA in 1988. By 1995, the program had spread throughout the brotherhood and we produced a study series called "Freedom Steps" - 12-lessons relating the 12 Steps to Scripture.

"Twelve Steps to Unwind" was produced in 1998 (another 12-lesson series. And in 2000, CASA became Course Eight in the NewLife Behavior curriculum. The course was adapted for use by sex addicts as NLB's Course Thirteen in 2005.

We began use of the "Serenity" Bible (by Thomas Nelson) the same year. It contains the New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs in the New King James Version (relating Bible passages to each of the Twelve Steps). The "down" side is the cost ($7,000 per 1000 annually), small print, difficult reading, and comments that fail to clearly teach God's plan of redemption, There is also a lack of referral information. Up until now, it was been the best we could offer. Since 2005, we have spent $100,000, including freight, on these Bibles.

Let us outline this huge opportunity . . .

I contacted Brother Don Umphrey in Dallas, Texas to seek his expertise. Don owns Quarry Press and is the author of several excellent books on recovery themes. We have worked together on previous special projects. I have total confidence in Don. He agreed to do the lion's share of work putting "our" proposed recovery Bible together.

We are in the process of selecting an easier to read Bible version since many will be read in dimly-lit prison cells. The $25,000 (pre-publication price) collected will supply us with enough copies to last for the next 10-12 years. Over this time period, we will save more than $55,000! This is a very good deal.

Thank you for being involved with us in this project of overwhelming potential. We will use these Bibles especially with CASA and in jail and prison ministries throughout the USA. Quarry Press, on the other hand, will be selling them "retail" through bookstores and over the Internet to users all over the world. This is how Quarry Press will recover some of their expense. It will bless thousands and perhaps even millions long after we are history. Pray for us and for those in whose hands these Bibles will be held and read. These are exciting days!

We project that these Bibles will be available by January 2015.


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