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1   What About Those Who Fail To Live Right?
By Buck Griffith, NLB President
2 Texas Closing Prisions?
3 Christian Marriage Skills Workbook
4 At The Death House Door
From New York Times News Service
Felecia R. Lee
in Caller-Times, May 28, 2008
5 What Teachers Make
By Taylor Mali
6 Partnership: NewLife Behavior Mininstries and World Bible School
7 I Hope I'm Standing Close By
When God Judges Clyde!

Bill Edwards of madison, Alabama sent us this article
by Joe Cope J.D., Executive Director of the Center for Conflict Resolution at ACU
8 Helping Church Leaders Catch the Vision
To Reach Souls in Jails and Prisions

By Buck Griffith, NLB President
9 Recruiting "Young" Volunteers
10 Dealing With Relapse
11 Doing Our Part
By Buck Griffith, NLB President
12 God Works In Mysterious Ways!
By Buck Griffith, NLB President
13 Various Stages of Alcoholism
14 41st Annual Jail & Prison Ministry

Video from the 41st annual Jail & Prison Ministry workshop
in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is Buck & Ron Goodman honoring Bill (William) Crossman
for his years of faithful service in Jail / Prison Ministry.
15 About Bound Workbooks NEW!
16 Journey to Recovery NEW!