The Many Programs of NLBM

NLB Courses Behind Bars

The NLB courses may be offered for “in-prison” classroom settings. Each course has thirteen lessons ideally designed for two-hour sessions. A formal “proposal” is prepared to “tout” the virtues of each course offered. Classes do not have to begin at any certain place but the topic most needed is selected from the fourteen options. It is wise to seek the counsel of chaplains and program coordinators to determine which course best fits the current needs of residents. The fourteen courses are:


I A Sense of Self VIII Christians Against Substance Abuse
II A Sense of Family IX The FamilyNet Series
III Parenting Matters X The Seeker Bible Study Series
IV True Freedom XI Prisioners of Christ
V Christian Marriage Skills XII Managing My Anger
VI The Christian Woman XIII Christians Against Sex Addiction
VII Attitudes & Behaviors I A Sense of Self (Children's Edition)



What is VetNet? America’s brave men and women are valiantly fighting and risking their lives to protect and preserve our freedoms and way of life. In the faithful discharge of duties, they have witnessed extreme conditions - worlds away from home. While Afghanistan and Iraq get most media attention, we also have loved ones being trained and serving (literally) all over the world. It sounds crazy but much of the damage is the result of "friendly" fire.

Thousands have made the supreme sacrifice. Many are coming home with the loss of limbs, and others with more or less severe injuries. Still others suffer ongoing and haunting nightmares. One recent report says suicide is the Number Two cause of death other than combat!

Very soon, hopefully, there will be a growing number of our troops streaming home but we must ask . . . to what?

Would you like to help stand up behind this effort?



Special “Packages”

The NLB curriculum is flexible. Each course consists of three to four Units. Each Unit consists of three or four lessons. If you only have students for three or four classes, you can offer the curriculum by Unit and award a “Certificate of Completion” for each one.

Upon fully examining the curriculum, you can visualize how certain individual lessons can be pulled from various Units in different courses to meet unique needs such as:

Managing Your Anger Marriage Enrichment
Priority One The Mind of Christ
Parenting in Absentia Relapse Prevention
Preparing for Release Using Your Gifts


Studying NLB by Mail

Any and all of the NLB courses can be studied by mail. Many students are not (and never have been) incarcerated. A large number are family or friends of those behind bars. However, the majority are prisoners.

There are a few prisons where several NLB courses are offered daily or weekly but schedules do not allow for 100% of the curriculum to be taught in “live” classrooms. Thus, students supplement the local prison’s scheduled classes with their choice of the courses not offered.

Recidivism Study

NLB began tracking students in 2006 for the purpose of conducting a long-term study of the impact of this curriculum on recidivism. Our premise is that the NLB curriculum is effective when . . .

1. we can have students completing more than a single course

2. we can get spouses involved in curriculum studies

3. we can get children involved in curruculum studies

Initially, our goal was to have 1000 students by the end of 2006 and add another 1000 annually for at least the next seven (7) years. Again, our goals were much too modest – we ended 2012 with 35,000 students!

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CASA: In Prison or the Community

Christians Against Substance Abuse (CASA) – Course VIII in the NLB curriculum – is taught behind bars (county jails, treatment centers, state-federal prisons) as well as in local churches and community outreach efforts. In most settings for the incarcerated, ongoing support groups are not possible and a class “graduates” every thirteen weeks followed by 25-30 new participants. In local churches/communities, ongoing support groups can be formed with rotating NLB curriculum such as CASA, True Freedom, Attitudes & Behaviors, Managing My Anger, etc.

On-Line Studies

We realize that few prisoners will ever be allowed to use the internet to access the NLB curriculum but we want to make it available to their family members and everyone else. At the present time, you can take several NLB courses, including “The Seeker Bible Study Series” by going to or the international website:

Foreign Missions

You can learn much more about NLB at work in foreign mission fields. Dr. H. M. Motsinger’s founded NewLife Behavior-International a few years ago in Dallas, Texas (305 Spring Creek Center, Suite 627, Dallas, Texas 75248). These efforts include works in Mexico, Russia, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa and Zambia. For more information, go to their website: or email:


Destructive behavior on the part of any person adversely affects all other persons connected with them – most clearly, the family. Everyone in the family circle needs help. NLB courses I, II, III, V, VI, IX and the Children’s Edition all are designed to help meet these needs. The courses can be taken by correspondence.

Depending upon the open doors of a specific prison unit, a wide range of FamilyNet activities may be offered – from Classroom Instruction to Mentors to meaningful Curriculum-Based Seminars in which spouses and children participate. In the “ideal” setting, every member learns how to better fulfill his or her God-given purpose in the family. The program can be continuous and open-ended or limited to a certain time length. It can conclude with a banquet, certificates, awards and so forth.

In-prison sessions can be presented for incarcerated family members while other sessions may be given for other family members in the community.

“Little Angels”

Innocent children are often caught in the crossfire of the criminal justice system. We target those from birth to about the age of twelve (12). The majority of these children have at least one parent incarcerated or they may be children of probationers or parolees. It can include the children of correction officers as well.

We refer to these children as “Little Angels” because we believe they are totally innocent of their parents’ choices. This is not just a Christmas project. We are not primarily interested in getting another “toy” for a child (though that may be appropriate in some instances). There may be a greater need for medication, food, shoes, a coat/sweater, or school supplies.

Friends of NewLife Behavior Ministries contribute specifically to make this program possible. We partner with Wal-Mart to make gift cards available. With millions of individuals engulfed in the criminal justice system, the need is overwhelming and we never have enough to meet all the requests. But there is no excuse for failing to do all that we can to help as many children
as possible.

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Training Seminars

A priority of NewLife Behavior Ministries is recruiting and training new instructors to use our curriculum. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways.

Each course includes an “Instructor’s Guide” that supplies step-by-step training for new teachers.

“Reconciled & Renewed” (R&R)
In-Prison Seminars

NewLife Behavior Ministries has developed its “Seminar Team” to visit prisons for special weekend events. The group includes men and women for both male and female institutions (preferring settings with both available). The most successful seminars are at prisons where local volunteers conduct active ministries. Then, the local volunteers join the R&R “team” for the weekend. The local “follow-up” is very important. In addition to teaching and preaching, the seminar schedule normally includes singing and dramas/skits. Hopefully, the weekend concludes with many participants enrolling in Bible studies by mail, prayer requests, rededications, and baptisms.

Christian Training School for
Ex-Offenders (CTS) - Aftercare

CTS began in 1983 as a 12-bed residential program. After ten years in which we ministered to approximately 60 male ex-offenders from a dozen states, the residential aspect was replaced by a more flexible plan that can be duplicated in communities throughout the nation. The core curriculum in this aftercare program consists of the NLB courses but tailored to individual needs. Prior to the release of offenders, we learn of their local address and provide a packet of instructions to key contact persons in their community. Also, we are ready to assist local volunteers further as needed to insure a safe, successful and smooth transition.

National Directory

The NewLife Behavior office maintains a list of churches of Christ and individual Christians in the United States known to be involved in jail and prison ministries. This is an effective tool in reaching workers in other areas where prisoners are transferred or released. Workers are asked to help keep the information current by notifying us of changes (deletions, additions, corrections).

The directory is updated daily with a new CD made several times a year. Contact us if you need a CD. We also maintain a Texas directory of state and federal prisons (with contact information for follow-up on each).

Your donations help make these tools possible.

Portable Baptistries

We are vitally interested in seeing that all jails and prisons have the necessary equipment to immerse believers. Since this unique effort began in 1991, over 311 baptistries have been placed. Also, many have been supplied to missionaries in foreign countries. Sometimes, the cost of shipping overseas is prohibitive. For more information, contact us at . . .

Baptistries Around the World
3833 South Staples, Suite S-101
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411
(361) 855-3372 Fax (361) 855-7469

The portable baptistry is $400.00 plus shipping and handling (We only ship within the continental US - shipping usually runs $50-$80). Weighing less than 32 pounds, the unit is stored in a handy carrying bag with shoulder straps to easy transport them from prison to prison. A 50-foot water hose is included along with an optional drain attachment.

Congregations also utilize portable baptistries with retreats, camps, mission trips, and occasionally – to immerse persons at home when access to a conventional “church building baptistry” is difficult or impossible.

To order, simply contact us with your name, shipping address and how we can contact you.

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