Introduction to Training Materials

NewLife Behavior Ministries has identified its mission as the development and production of curriculum that "reconciles persons to God, family and society." This includes the recruitment and training of individuals who will use this curriculum as instructors. Once a person has been trained, we issue a "Certification" diploma for each instructor and maintain a master list in our central office in Corpus Christi, Texas. In this way, we can confirm who has been "officially" trained. We can also reproduce "lost" certificates. These records began after the central office moved to Corpus Christi from Lancaster in 2002. It was at this time that Buck Griffith began serving as President of NLBM. If you were teaching NLB prior to 2002, please contact us immediately.


The question arises: "How does one become trained?"


Several avenues are used to achieve this goal. Plus, we continually add helpful hints to maximize training of instructors for those coming to this portion of our website.

1   Instructor's Guide
2   Overview
3   Basics
4   What Is a Curriculum-Based Ministry?
5   Understanding the Curriculum
6   Using the Curriculum
7   Church Leaders
8   Blessings to Those Involved
9   Networking Is Essential
10   NLB & WBS Agreement
11   Teaching CASA