What is VetNet?

America’s brave men and women are valiantly fighting and risking their lives to protect and preserve our freedoms and way of life. In the faithful discharge of duties, they have witnessed extreme conditions - worlds away.

Thousands have made the supreme sacrifice. Many others are coming home with loss of limbs and others with more or less severe injuries. Still others suffer ongoing and haunting night-mares. One recent report says suicide is the number two cause of death behind combat.

Very soon, hopefully, many more will be on their way home but to what?

What awaits these heroes . . .

Many face a difficult recovery from injuries, joblessness, loneliness, anxiety, broken relationships and the challenge of ongoing and multiple addictions.

The concept of VetNet is that of a person walking a tight-rope. Such is an extremely dangerous undertaking. But due to this ministry, a safety net is in place to catch any who may slip or fall.

VetNet serves this purpose for military personnel.

Of What Does the “Net” Consist?

In order to meet these needs, NewLife Behavior Ministries (NLBM) offers the following at absolutely no cost to VetNet participants:

Each course consists of thirteen chapters or lessons authored by diligent Christian servants. If desired, you may submit the Study Questions for grading and receive an attractive “certificate” but this is totally optional.

The Monarch Butterfly?

NewLife Behavior’s has chosen as its logo the beautiful monarch butterfly because it symbolizes the orderly but amazing process of transformation. Life begins as a worm but transitions into a cocoon. As the process continues inside (but unseen), it will eventually pop open and slowly – out springs the beautiful butterfly!

Who Is Eligibile?

While directly and immediately aimed at those coming home, retiring or exiting military service (veterans) . . . this offer is open to any active duty personnel as well.

Sometimes, it is a family member that is in greatest need. This offer is extended to any family member of those in our military. For instance, the following is taken from a recent newspaper . . .

“It was only a ‘training’ accident but the copter went down taking the life of a woman’s husband and left her to explain to their three children: I told them there was a crash. Daddy was a hero, he was very brave, he was doing his job, but he was not coming back.”

What about Children?

NewLife Behavior also has a Children’s Edition that is appropriate for those between the ages of 5 and 12. When signing up a child, please indicate the child’s age and/or grade.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We are constantly making contact with other organizations who are also helping our military and especially veterans. We advertise VetNet widely with growing numbers becoming involved all across the nation.

Use of Information?

Participant data is not shared with any other organization or person(s). Plus, we only store information briefly to help us keep up with changing addresses. We do not call, visit or otherwise contact any person except if requested to do so by individual participants.

How Long Does It Take?

You should receive your desired course within 7-10 days from the time we receive your request.

How Do I Start?

We recommend that you take one course at a time. When one is finished, you let us know you are ready for the next on your prioritized list. NewLife Behavior also has other courses you may be interested in so feel free to ask about other courses.




Would you like to help stand up behind this effort?



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